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World Productivity Day Flash Sale! Save on Our Six-Part Productivity Webinar Series

What if there was a way to improve your productivity, and get out of the office on time each day? How would you spend those extra minutes or even hours? What else could you get done if you better managed your day? Being productive is something most of us strive for…but not all of us are successful at it. So…

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Affiliate Webinar: The Wired Workplace

Technology has become the No. 1 new employment law risk to American employers, and the growth of social media and personal tech devices – smartphones, iPads, laptops – has taken that risk to a whole new level. That’s why it’s critical to establish and enforce realistic (and legal) limitations on employees’ use of their own computers, tablets, smartphones, email, social…

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Affiliate Webinar: 10 Steps to an Amazing Workplace Culture

These days, every workplace is an open book to the world. Social media and websites allow people to instantly know which organizations are great places to work—and which should be avoided at all costs. Great employees want to work in great workplaces. Look around your workplace. How would it rank? Could you benefit from a serious culture adjustment to improve…

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Note From Julie: Overcome Communication Catastrophes!

At some point, most of us have said or typed something we didn’t mean to, and it can be tricky to overcome when it happens in a professional setting. It’s probably not a huge deal if it happens once or twice. However, if you notice it’s happening frequently, it’s time to self-assess and figure out what is going on in…

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How’s your deskside manner?

You’re probably familiar with the term “bedside manner.” It’s typically used to describe how a healthcare professional interacts and communicates with patients. A doctor with good bedside manner is likely a good communicator, a great listener, empathetic to their patients, and attentive to making the patient feel at ease. A doctor with poor bedside manner may come across as arrogant,…

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Affiliate Webinar: Managing Projects With OneNote

Linus Pauling said, “The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas.” Microsoft® OneNote® is a great place to gather brilliant ideas from talented people. In addition to being a great note-taking application, OneNote makes a superb collaboration platform. And you can collaborate with others when OneNote is stored in the cloud. All these…

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