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Webinar: Data-Crunching Secrets of Excel

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft® Excel®? You know the power it wields, but it sure would make your life easier if you knew all the tricks the pros use to take it to the next level. Now you can! Join Business Management Daily on October 1 as they team up with master trainer Melissa Esquibel to present this webinar…

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Personal Note from Julie: No One Is Immune To Disasters

A disaster – natural or otherwise – can happen at anytime. And there’s no way to be 100% ready for every possible scenario. For example, one of our team members was the victim of a house fire late last year. She never expected to be put in that situation, but she had prepared herself and her business for the possibility….

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Webinar: Unleash the Power of Your iPad – Two-Part Series

Do you own an iPad or are you considering getting one soon? Do you know how to harness the power of this little tablet? You can do a lot more with your iPad than just play games or check social media. It’s actually a wonderful resource for your admin career that can improve your efficiency and save time. Do you…

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Webinar: A Woman’s Guide to Communicating with Confidence

Women have 11% more neurons in their brains for emotion, feelings, and communication. When it comes to emotion and communications, women have an eight-lane superhighway, whereas men have a county road, according to research done by Dr. Louann Brizendine. Women and men receive different confidence “training” as kids, and it shows up in their adult communication styles. Women grow up less…

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Webinar: Preparing for and Managing the Unexpected While Maintaining Workplace Productivity

Do you sometimes feel like your desk should be armed with a fire extinguisher and EMT kit? Are you losing valuable time managing office emergencies and other crises throughout the day? Do you need a better way to get things back on track when the crises pass? As much as we try to structure our work time, there’s no scheduling…

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Personal Note from Julie: Is Your Office Ready for a Disaster?

When you see a disaster on the news, it’s common to think, “that’s awful.” But what we typically don’t think about is the same scenario happening to us. However, if and when it does, the focus shifts from how awful it is to how do I handle all of the immediate needs of this situation when everything instantly becomes urgent!…

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