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5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Your resume is the single most important component of your job search toolkit. In most cases, it’s the first piece of “you” that a potential employer will see. Whether or not you get called in for an interview depends on what you have included in your resume and the first impression it creates when the viewer reviews it. But is…

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Affiliate Webinar: Project Management – The Best of Excel, OneNote, and Outlook

What if I told you there was software that could instantly make you a better project manager – improving your efficiency, your multitasking, and your communication all at the same time? If you’re like me, you’d probably say, “OK, great – how much?” But what if I told you that you probably own this software already? Microsoft® Excel®, Outlook®, and…

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Affiliate Webinar: Presentations Steve Jobs Style

When you give a presentation, you face at least two hurdles. First, you need to sell yourself as a credible spokesperson on your topic. Audiences need to believe in you—and that’s hard enough. Second, you need to sell your ideas so that people come away inspired, persuaded and enlightened. Steve Jobs did both—with incredible skill. Widely considered one of the…

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Personal Note from Julie: Learn How to Work Virtually

Last week, I had the opportunity to present to a fantastic group of administrative professionals at the Grainger headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois (near Chicago). During the company tour that morning, I was struck by the number of assistants they had who were supporting executives virtually. While they certainly have assistants onsite at their many offices worldwide, some assistants are…

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5 Tips for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

One question I get asked a lot is, “How do I get started as a virtual assistant?” Many admins are eager for advice on how to strike out on their own and begin their virtual assistant business. Yet they don’t know where to begin. While there’s no exact science behind becoming a VA, there are several things you can do…

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Maximize Your Productivity with the October AdminPro Training Series!

Is your inbox overflowing? Are you struggling to stay on top of your projects and related tasks? Are you looking for a single system that can simplify and streamline your workflow? It’s time to become a power user of Microsoft Outlook and its full functionality! We’ve become dependent upon computers, email, voicemail, the Internet, and smart phones to get our work…

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