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An Admin’s Guide to Career Preparedness

As an admin, you need to be prepared for anything the day, your executive or your colleagues throw your way. But how do you properly prepare for your own career success? All too often people get caught unprepared when a good career opportunity shows up, or something bad happens. Yet preparing for your career is a choice. You can choose…

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APC Canada Free Webinar: Spotlight Your Career – 3 Strategies for Boosting Your Professional Visibility

When it comes to putting the spotlight on ourselves, most would rather hide in the corner than be cast onto center stage for everyone to see. However, when it comes to being considered for a promotion, raise, or exciting company projects, it’s imperative that your administrative skills, abilities, and accomplishments get noticed. That means you have to put the spotlight…

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ATCC 102914

Webinar: Become a Master of Microsoft Word Section Breaks

Have you ever found yourself fighting with headers and footers in a multi-section document? Does your file retaliate when you insert, edit, and adjust section formatting in specific parts of your document? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to reclaim your sanity and master section breaks in Microsoft Word! Microsoft Word works on inheritance, so the margins, footers,…

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One Drive

Webinar: Getting Started with Microsoft OneDrive

Has a business associate ever sent you a link to a shared OneDrive file, but you weren’t sure how to download, edit, or resend it? Would you like to make your documents, photos, and other files accessible from any device, any time you need them? Do you know how to use Microsoft OneDrive to facilitate collaboration and office efficiency? If…

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Personal Note From Julie: The Cure for Career Boredom

During the past six weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of catching up on things I’d put off for quite awhile — organizing my home office, getting rid of a lot of clutter, putting new systems in place, and doing some professional recharging. The process has done wonders for my stress level. It has cleared my mind, relieved anxiety, and…

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