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Affiliate Webinar: Game-Changing Leadership Secrets From a Celebrity Assistant

As Olympia Dukakis’ former Personal Assistant for 25 years, Bonnie Low-Kramen knows from experience that as the backbone of companies, it is increasingly necessary for assistants to step up as leaders within their roles. In the role of gatekeeper, assistants are a critical set of eyes and ears for their managers. But it’s just as vital to be the voice,…

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Affilate Webinar: The Six Secrets Every Supervisor Needs to Know

You’ve been promoted… so now what? No one is born knowing how to be a supervisor. And no other job can prepare you for this challenging assignment. Now, you not only have to worry about your performance, you have to worry about how others perform, too. The good news is you can quickly add the “secrets” of successful managers to…

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You’re Invited! Get a More Organized Workspace with Our Free Webinar & 5 Day Challenge

Do you want to learn a better way to organize your desk and workspace? Have you ever had a problem finding things when you need them? Or forgotten a task because it was buried underneath a pile of papers? Stop apologizing for the mess on your desk and discover how to create a more organized workspace that fits your unique…

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Personal Note from Julie: Help Us Celebrate National Get Organized Month!

It’s January, which means it’s National Get Organized Month! And there are few things that make me as happy as organizing things. In fact, I spent most of the long holiday weekend shifting my office furniture layout to facilitate better workflow across my desk. In the process, I cleared out some old files, modified my system for current projects, and…

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Affiliate Webinar: What Makes a Great Team

You don’t have to do anything to be a group, but you have to earn the right to be called a team! Everyone wants to be part of a great team, but how do you really make that happen? This dynamic Business Management Daily webinar explores the differences between group and team. It operates from the premise that everything you do, say…

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Be a More Proactive Admin with This AdminPro Training Series!

In today’s busy workplace, many administrative professionals feel a constant lack of control. With so much happening at any given time, they simply react to their circumstances in the moment, trying to keep everyone happy without falling too far behind. They don’t have the time and necessary tools to anticipate needs, plan and prepare for the future, and prevent foreseeable…

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