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Yes, You Can Delegate! 7 Delegation Tips for Admins

For admins, delegation can be a challenge. It’s hard to delegate when you’re not the one in charge, and most admins are accustomed to being the ones delegated to. To a certain degree, both of these things may be true. But there are still ways to get help from others even if you’re not in a position of authority or…

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Webinar: Taking Care of the Office’s Most Valuable Asset: You!

Life happens — the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the mundane stuff. And it can all zap your energy and kill your motivation if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Resilience and focused self-care isn’t just for the trials in life. It’s a necessary life skill to get through good times, too! Because positive experiences, like moving or changing…

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Personal Note from Julie: Developing Your Role as Office Manager

Office management. For some admins, it’s an unofficial part of their job descriptions. For others, it’s an official job title they aspire to step into. No matter which group you fall into, sharpening your office management skills can do a lot to further your administrative career. From improving your communication skills to better understanding personality types and being a more…

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5 Ways to Become a Better Office Manager

As an admin, it usually falls on you to keep the office running as efficiently as possible. But when you combine a team of people with different personalities, various pieces of office equipment and software tools, and a never-ending list of distractions, office management can get a little tricky at times. But all this chaos shouldn’t stop you. In fact,…

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Webinar: Facebook Marketing 101

“We are open for business.” That’s what you or your company is saying when creating a Facebook Business page. But how do you create content that makes people want to receive notifications from the page? How do you get them to engage regularly, share your content, buy your products or services, or invest in your cause? Facebook marketing is a…

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Personal Note from Julie: Identifying & Correcting Inefficiencies in Your Office

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past few weeks, it’s that there’s nothing like a move to exacerbate inefficiencies. Nothing in my new apartment feels efficient yet. So I’m taking my time in unpacking and organizing it in hopes that it will be by the time I’m done. Case in point, earlier this week, I set up my…

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