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Personal Note From Julie: Mentoring comes in a lot of forms

Mentoring comes in a lot of forms. And this week, we’re diving into an area of mentoring that many admins overlook: virtual mentorship. Mentoring isn’t something that has to be done face to face. The internet, social media, and Skype make it easier than ever to learn or teach from anywhere in the world! While virtual mentoring is often done…

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Mentoring: A World of Possibilities

Everyone needs a mentor. A mentor is extremely important for anyone (especially admins!) who wants to grow professionally and be successful. You’re never too young or old, too experienced, or too busy to reap the benefits of mentorship. There are always people to learn from and lessons you can teach others. Mentorship is often viewed as something that’s done in…

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Personal Note From Julie: Appreciating Generational Differences At The Office

Mentoring has been a hot topic this month. We’ve been sharing a lot of resources, tips, and ideas on how it can benefit your career on our social media pages. This summer, my office was also transformed into a mentorship lab when Claire — a recent high school graduate — joined our team in May. While a lot of the…

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FREE WEBINAR: Get Your Job Description Right – September 9, 2014

As an administrative professional, you have a lot of responsibilities. But does your job description accurately reflect what you do? If you’re like a lot of admins, the answer is “no.” Don’t let your job description sell you short! As part of the International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant (IYOTSA), we’re on a mission to ensure every admin…

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What My Summer Intern Taught Me or Why I Love Millennials

Millennials are the generation born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Generally speaking, they are the children of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. They’ve been called everything from entitled and narcissistic to entrepreneurial, confident, and engaged. And their increasing numbers in today’s offices are causing many to take note of this new generation’s work style and how it…

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