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Personal Note from Julie: Two Crucial Keys to Acing Your Next Interview

You landed an interview at a company you’d love to work for…now what? To ace an interview you need to be as prepared as possible, and that means doing two crucial things. First, practice your interview techniques. Find a friend or family member who you can ask you questions until you get comfortable responding. And make sure you have a…

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15 Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview

An interview is nothing more than an information exchange between you and a potential employer. So to get the most out of it, you need to be prepared to answer questions, as well as ask some of your own. But what do you ask to get the information you need? Before you go into an interview, do your research on…

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Time Change

Webinar: Find Time To Do It! Tightening Up Your Time Management Habits to Ensure Maximum Productivity

In our first session on the Productivity Workflow Formula, we looked at reducing your to-do lists, addressing time wasting behaviors, and determining exactly what we need to be working on. (We’ll be covering other steps in the formula in coming months.) Now you just have to find time to do it! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your to-do list…

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Webinar: Keep Negativity from Infecting Your Workplace: Dealing with Troublemakers, Whiners, Pessimists and Other Difficult Employees

Just one bad apple is all it takes to infect the entire workforce and demoralize everybody. Don’t let things go too far — learn how to put a strategy in place to combat negativity. When confronted with employees who complain, criticize or try to stir up trouble, managers often feel frustrated and helpless. They may quickly assume that there is no…

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Webinar: Excel Basics: 7 Overlooked Features Every User Needs

Do you know how to format cells in Excel? Can you sum a spreadsheet column without manually adding it up? Whether you’re a daily Excel user or only use it occasionally, there are several useful features every admin should know about the program. Why waste time and energy pouring over Excel spreadsheets if you don’t have to? This session will…

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Webinar: Save Time Using Microsoft Quick Parts in Word & Outlook

Learn to leverage the power of Microsoft Word and Outlook and store the content you use over and over in Quick Parts galleries. This feature allows you to quickly access frequently used content with just a few clicks of your mouse. Think about the content you use often – whether it’s a signature block, logo, table, cover page, or custom…

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