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Become the CEO of Your Career

This article was originally published in Executive Secretary magazine and is reprinted here with permission. An administrative assistant’s primary job is to support his or her executive in any way possible – whether it’s organizing a board meeting or making travel arrangements for a business trip. The nature of our job means our professional needs […]

Affiliate Webinar: The SuperCompetent Admin: How to Stay on Top of It All and Get Everything Done

Ready to achieve your personal productivity best? Tired of doing more with less? It’s no surprise that it is no longer good enough just to be able to do your job. You have to be SuperCompetent to get an edge. During this Business Management Daily webinar, Laura Stack, world-renowned productivity expert and author, will show […]

Personal Note from Julie: Create Your Strategic Administrative Career Plan!

I’m presenting a strategic career-planning workshop for the assistants at Microsoft in San Francisco today. So I’ve been thinking a lot about making the shift from reactive to proactive when it comes to our careers. It’s easy to blame our companies or executives for not reaching the job title or pay scale we thought we’d […]

Affilate Webinar: Mastering Excel Lists and Database

When you think “database,” you don’t usually think Microsoft® Excel®. But you should. You probably use Excel to manage lists of data from a few dozen to thousands of records, from prices to production data, and transactions to test results. If you spend hours every day tracking, analyzing, and maintaining databases, this webinar is for […]

Save 25% & Create a Powerful Tool to Keep Your Office Running

Did you know that almost 40% of small businesses never reopen following a disaster? Or that 75% of small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place? Fires, floods, hurricanes, power outages, security breaches. A disaster can strike at any time and more often than not, these situations happen with next to no warning. […]

Affiliate Webinar: Working with Multiple Bosses — Successfully

Most people find it challenging enough to work well with even one boss. But if you’re working with two bosses – or more – the challenge may seem nearly insurmountable. Dealing with the workload is tough enough. But you’ve also got to manage multiple communications styles, multiple sets of expectations, multiple schedules, multiple projects, and more. […]

Affiliate Webinar: Managing & Motivating the Seven Most Challenging Employee Types

Do some of your employees require more “managing” than others? Do some enjoy pushing the limits, while others seem totally clueless about the problems they cause? From emotional drama queens to lazy slackers, all of these aggravating folks can be considered “challenging employees” — people who consume an inordinate amount of your time and energy, […]