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Note From Julie: Every Word Counts!

From emails to meeting notes to reports, admins do a lot of writing, so keeping your written communication skills sharp probably seems like a no-brainer. However, a lot of us don’t focus on this area when we evaluate training and professional development opportunities. Honing your writing skills requires practice and training just like any other […]

Join Julie Perrine, ASAP & Avery For This Free Webinar!

Do you get depressed when you look at your desk? Are you wasting valuable time searching for emails, files, or important information? Then it is time to put the basic principles of organization to work for you! As an administrative professional, you know that being organized is crucial to your effectiveness. The good news is that […]

Affiliate Webinar: Resolving Employee Conflicts: How to Handle Squabbling Co-workers, Chronic Troublemakers & Fractured Teams

Conflicts between employees can disrupt morale, reduce productivity, and create a generally unpleasant place to work. Because a solution often seems impossible, these disagreements can also drive managers crazy. The good news, however, is that you do not have to tolerate disruptive workplace conflicts. By consistently using effective management practices, you can restore peace and […]

Six Tips to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

As an administrative professional, chances are that your job entails some form of writing – from meeting notes to memos to correspondence for your executive. And in order to preserve your professional reputation (and your company’s), you need to make sure everything you write and distribute is as close to perfect as possible. For some […]

Affiliate Webinar: The Innovative Admin

Innovation isn’t just for technology – it’s the key to your career future. Take a look around and it’s not hard to find the latest innovations in software, electronic devices, and even office furniture. But as innovative as those things may be when they are first introduced, they quickly become obsolete because another idea or […]

World Productivity Day Flash Sale! Save on Our Six-Part Productivity Webinar Series

What if there was a way to improve your productivity, and get out of the office on time each day? How would you spend those extra minutes or even hours? What else could you get done if you better managed your day? Being productive is something most of us strive for…but not all of us […]