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Free Webinar: 7 Keys to Becoming a More Confident Travel Planner

If you’re responsible for coordinating the countless details involved in travel planning and you’re called on to handle last-minute travel emergencies, register for this webinar now! You’ll get the tips and resources you need to make your travel planning responsibilities less stressful, more enjoyable, and sometimes downright fun. Learn what the best practices are to systematize the process and how…

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Personal Note From Julie: Is Your Executive Fully Utilizing Your Admin Skills?

A big part of your support role as an assistant is to continually develop the skills you need to be the leader and partner your executive needs. For most of my admin career, I’ve supported executives who were very finance savvy. But I could hardly read some of the spreadsheets they worked with, let alone know what they meant. This…

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9 Ways to Train Your Executive to Utilize Your Skills

Admins have one of the broadest most diverse skills sets of any profession out there. We have to be amazing organizers, travel planners, event coordinators, office cheerleaders, and communicators – sometimes simultaneously. Yet chances are good that your skills set isn’t being fully utilized by the executive you support. This means you’re not being as supportive as you could be,…

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Webinar: An Admin’s Intro to Google+ — Two-Part Series

There are more than 500 million people using Google+ — are you one of them? If not, you’re missing out on a really useful suite of tools that you can use in and out of the office. This unique social platform allows you not only to connect with people and build your network; it can also act as a blog,…

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Personal Note From Julie: Clues to Successfully Supporting Multiple Executives

For many admins, supporting one executive is enough to keep them constantly busy. But what happens when you throw another executive or more into the mix? In every admin position I’ve held, I supported multiple execs. For me, it was almost always a positive experience because I enjoy the variety of working with different personalities. Thankfully, I’ve mostly supported reasonable…

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20 Ways to Tailor Your Support for Multiple Executives

When you support multiple executives, you’re likely going to deal with several different personality types and varied styles. Each person is going to have their own unique way of working, tackling projects, and approaching problems. Each will have a different set of influences, challenges, and personal situations. What works as motivation for one person might be considered nagging by another….

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