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Affiliate Webinar: Talent-Based Interviewing

Traditional interview questions focus on the applicant’s past: Where have you worked? What have you done? What have you learned? But you need to know how people will perform in your workplace. Enter talent-based interviewing. This increasingly popular interviewing technique asks questions about real-life situations, phrased in a unique way to elicit a candidate’s first (natural) response. It’s a better…

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Note From Julie: Keep Your Event Guests Safe and Secure

I can’t imagine being a wedding planner in the Caribbean this month. With hurricane season just beginning, a lot of destination weddings are now in limbo as they wait for the properties to assess damage, make repairs, and reopen for business. If you live near a hurricane region, it may be part of your event planning practices to discuss contingency…

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Affiliate Webinar: BakerWrite Speedwriting

“If you don’t like shorthand, check this out.” Ever wonder how you’ll ever take all those notes down? Or what you should write down? Do you have to take minutes of meetings, jot down telephone messages, write long lists of tasks from your manager, and remember those on-the-fly comments? Can you do it quickly? So many of us take notes…

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3 Tips for Offsite Disaster Planning

When Hurricane Irma recently stranded 620 hotel guests in St. Thomas, Marriott International had a big problem on their hands. How could they safely evacuate their guests in the middle of one hurricane with another one (Hurricane Jose) potentially riding on Irma’s coattails? The solution: Quick thinking and good planning. While the evacuation was stressful for guests and employees alike,…

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Affiliate Webinar: SharePoint Workshop: Mastering Document Management

Has your workplace deployed Microsoft®SharePoint® 2013 or 2010, but you’re still using only a fraction of the software’s capabilities? One of the best uses for SharePoint is document management. But without any more training than, “Here, put this in SharePoint,” everything ends up in one place called Shared Documents. No “management” actually takes place. Stop struggling to figure out how…

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Note From Julie: Be Ready to Respond in the Aftermath of a Disaster

With family, friends, and colleagues spread across Florida, Texas, Oregon, and California, disaster prep and recovery has been a central conversation point of the past couple of weeks. One of my team members is located in a valley surrounded by wild fires in Oregon. I had family evacuate from Florida during Hurricane Irma this week. I’m watching the news and…

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