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Affiliate Webinar: Presentations Steve Jobs Style

When you give a presentation, you face at least two hurdles. First, you need to sell yourself as a credible spokesperson on your topic. Audiences need to believe in you—and that’s hard enough. Second, you need to sell your ideas so that people come away inspired, persuaded and enlightened. Steve Jobs did both—with incredible skill. Widely considered one of the…

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Personal Note from Julie: Innovating My Time Management Strategies

In the past three months, I’ve learned a lot about time management from a “parenting” perspective. Since my youngest sister welcomed her second daughter at the end of November, I’ve been helping them out as much as I can. Both my sister and her husband are entrepreneurs, which adds its own challenges to the mix when it comes to time…

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Unleash the Power of Innovation in Your Career

This article first appeared in the Executive Secretary Magazine and is reprinted here with permission. Look at your smartphone. It probably has all of the latest bells and whistles. It can text or call anyone with a simple voice command. It has apps for fun, productivity, connectivity, and more! And it can now search for information based on a single…

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Affiliate Webinar: Resolving Employee Conflicts: How to Handle Squabbling Co-workers, Chronic Troublemakers & Fractured Teams

Conflicts between employees can disrupt morale, reduce productivity, and create a generally unpleasant place to work. Because a solution often seems impossible, these disagreements can also drive managers crazy. The good news, however, is that you do not have to tolerate disruptive workplace conflicts. By consistently using effective management practices, you can restore peace and productivity to almost any bickering…

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Affiliate Webinar: Emily Post’s Guide to Business Etiquette for the 21st Century

In a world of texts, tweets, cube farms, and Casual Fridays, have manners gone the way of the dodo? An AP/Ipsos poll says that 69% find people ruder than a generation ago. But rudeness isn’t just bad form – it’s bad business. The truth is, multimillion-dollar deals (and people’s jobs) can be lost as a result of poor etiquette. In today’s…

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Affiliate Webinar: Managing Millennials for Long-Term Success

Millennials now make up 35% of the U.S. workforce and, in 10 years, they’ll be more than half. But integrating this generation (born between 1981 and 1996) into the workforce has become a major challenge for organizations. Millennials have different wants and needs … and they already have one foot out the door. Fact: Two-thirds of millennials plan to leave…

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