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3 Tips for Offsite Disaster Planning

When Hurricane Irma recently stranded 620 hotel guests in St. Thomas, Marriott International had a big problem on their hands. How could they safely evacuate their guests in the middle of one hurricane with another one (Hurricane Jose) potentially riding on Irma’s coattails? The solution: Quick thinking and good planning. While the evacuation was stressful for guests and employees alike,…

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Affiliate Webinar: SharePoint Workshop: Mastering Document Management

Has your workplace deployed Microsoft®SharePoint® 2013 or 2010, but you’re still using only a fraction of the software’s capabilities? One of the best uses for SharePoint is document management. But without any more training than, “Here, put this in SharePoint,” everything ends up in one place called Shared Documents. No “management” actually takes place. Stop struggling to figure out how…

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Note From Julie: Be Ready to Respond in the Aftermath of a Disaster

With family, friends, and colleagues spread across Florida, Texas, Oregon, and California, disaster prep and recovery has been a central conversation point of the past couple of weeks. One of my team members is located in a valley surrounded by wild fires in Oregon. I had family evacuate from Florida during Hurricane Irma this week. I’m watching the news and…

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Affiliate Webinar: Thanks for the Feedback — How to Give It & Take It the Right Way Every Time

As a professional, you can certainly give feedback. But the question is: Can you take it? Learning how to respond to the spoken or unspoken feedback you receive is a science and an art. And, how well you receive feedback impacts how well you give it. Feedback is at the heart of good leadership, effective teamwork, efficient problem solving, developing…

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Affiliate Webinar: Advanced Admin Skills

You have the skills required for success. You know how to work well with the executive and team you support. Now… you need to develop a strong partnership with your executive and team that extends beyond your job description. The 21st century administrative professional needs to be a manager and a leader with advanced admin skills in communication, decision-making, collaboration,…

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Affiliate Webinar: Dealing with Difficult People at Work — Conflict, Criticism & Sensitive Subjects

Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker blow up in your face? Or tolerated an employee performance problem because you weren’t sure how to bring it up? Perhaps you’ve wanted to give your boss some constructive feedback, but you were concerned about the reaction you might get. We tend to avoid difficult conversations because talking about sensitive topics…

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