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Want to Save 90 Minutes Each Day? This New Series Can Make You More Productive!

Are you tired of being pushed to do more with less? Is your to-do list at capacity? Then it’s time to learn a proven time-management system! This brand new, six-part productivity series, presented by Julie Perrine, highlights Laura Stack’s step-by-step Productivity Workflow Formula. This formula will help you organize your life around the tasks that really matter and—this is crucial—let…

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Affiliate Webinar: Excel Dashboards 101

Microsoft® Excel® dashboards are a powerful way to pull together different information in a single place to give a high-level overview of a business. A meaningful “big picture” view of business activities can drive the allocation of scarce resources. Decisions are easier. And, the end-user doesn’t have to spend valuable time swimming through seas of unimportant information to get to…

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Team work concept

Affiliate Webinar: What Makes a Great Team

You don’t have to do anything to be a group, but you have to earn the right to be called a team! Everyone wants to be part of a great team, but how do you really make that happen? This dynamic Business Management Daily webinar explores the differences between group and team. It operates from the premise that everything you do, say…

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Personal Note from Julie: Moving – Make Your Office Move Less Stressful!

It’s one thing to move yourself. It’s quite another thing to move an entire office (or company), as well as all the people and things that go with it. Throughout my career, I’ve coordinated many office moves. Some were simple relocations from one side of the floor to another. Others were cross country moves due to mergers or acquisitions. Some…

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9 Tips for a Less Stressful, More Successful Office Move

You’re pretty comfortable in your office. You know where everything is, your desk is set up just the way you like it, and you finally got maintenance to fix your chair. Then your executive issues an extremely disturbing decree: “We’re moving, and I want you to oversee everything.” Whether you’re just going up or down a floor in your current…

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Join Julie Perrine in New Zealand for Executive Secretary LIVE 2017

Executive Secretary LIVE will be in New Zealand for the first time in 2017, and the event will feature nine of the world’s top trainers for assistants, including All Things Admin Founder Julie Perrine! Event: Executive Secretary LIVE Dates: July 14-15, 2017 Location: Auckland, New Zealand Executive Secretary LIVE is the world’s leading international event for senior and aspiring administrative professionals…

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Affiliate Webinar: Business Writing Skills

Strong business writing is essential to your future. In today’s hectic work environment, emails and other written communication can be sent with little thought to their impact and objectives. Emphasis is put on speed rather than quality and effectiveness, which can ultimately result in loss of time, money and success. Impressions of your company are given by the letters, emails…

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